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Perth to Darwin

 Winter 2025

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Bendigo to Townsville

 Spring 2024
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Canberra to Townsville

 Autumn 2025
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Over the last 14 years, BOX RALLIES has raised over $47 million for cancer council.

Say what?

Thank you so much for choosing Yaraka as a stopover for your rally.  For us, as a community, it was a wonderful occasion and your group were friendly, delightful, well behaved, appreciative – and entertaining! We hope you come back again! It would be true to say that we were nervous about the population explosion – a population explosion of 2655% to be exact but everything seemed to run very smoothly and everyone, without exception, were very complimentary about the dinner and breakfast which was very encouraging. From our town’s perspective it was a real boost – dehydrated vehicles lined up at the bowsers, dehydrated people buying drinks and the voluntary workers who prepared and cooked the meals resulted in swelling the funds of the RFDS etc. Your rally is the largest that Yaraka has ever catered for and knowing that your well organised efforts result in huge contributions toward the Cancer Council make it all so worthwhile for everywhere you pass through these towns. Congratulations on the organising and professional way in which you do everything – a win win for everyone.   Many thanks again.

Chris & Gerry Gimblett (On behalf of the Yaraka Community)

You’ve created something really special and we feel incredibly proud to be a part of it. There’s obviously the astonishing level of funds that are raised which we passionately support but it’s also great to see the impact on the remote communities – all the revenue that’s injected and the weird and wonderful spectacle we bring as we roll in each night. I’m sure the experience provides a talking point for the locals for years to come!It’s definitely challenging – not just the physical and emotional challenge of the rally itself but the months of fundraising, getting the car up to spec, costume prep (a big one for us!), child care planning, calling in a million favours, etc, etc.

But I think that’s why it has such an impact on us all and we keep coming back. We become part of the rally family. The good that comes from this on an individual as well as community level is remarkable and it is extraordinarily rewarding to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Helen (Team: Legends of Rock)

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