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Shitbox Rally is not a race, rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable… To drive cars worth just $1,500 across Australia via some of its most formidable roads, all in the name of charity.

This rally is for those who want to have an adventure, have fun, who crave something different, who want to make new life long friends, take part in something memorable but most importantly, it’s for those who want to raise much needed money for charity.

Many of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it be parents, family, close friends, people we know or ourselves that have battled or are battling cancer, this awful disease has touched us all. We not only want to raise awareness and money for Cancer Council, but also want to offer support and a friendly ear to those that have suffered or are suffering.

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What is the process after I register a team?
If your team is accepted, you’ll receive an email. You then need to post in some paperwork and pay the registration fee. Once we have both, we send you a confirmation email. That’s when you set up your We Give fundraising page, then a Welcome Pack from Cancer Council is posted to both drivers and you get started on fundraising.

How soon does $885 (inc GST) per team need to be paid?
You need to pay this on acceptance of your team. We cannot confirm your teams place on the rally without it.

If I can’t go and need to pull out, will I be able to transfer the registration fee to the following year as credit?
No, registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.

If I register, do I have to come up with the $5000 fundraising amount straight away?
No, the only thing you need to pay straight away is the registration fee ($885 inc GST per team). You will need to raise at least $2,500 four months before the rally, $3,500 three months before the rally, $4,500 two months before the rally and your minimum of $5,000 in your We Give account one month before the rally starts.

If the $1,500 car value/budget is exceeded, does it really matter?
Yes, it does matter. The $1,500 car value/budget rule is the main rule we have, it’s why the rally is called Shitbox Rally. There is no point taking a shitbox and turning it into something else, because it defeats the purpose of doing the rally in a Shitbox in the first place. Take a look at the terms and conditions and especially clauses 13 -17. You really don’t need to spend more so not only would it be effectively cheating and against the point of the rally, but it would also be a waste of money. There are “penalties” for any cars not meeting our criteria!

Are AWD, 4WD or Buses allowed?
No, only 2WD vehicles are allowed on Shitbox Rally. Take a look at the terms and conditions clause 13.

Does the $1,500 include rego, roadworthy and insurance?
No, it does not, as the costs can vary massively state to state.

Do we need to purchase and register a shitbox before we register a team?
No, you do not need to get your shitbox now, the fundraising comes first. Most people get their Shitbox a few months before the rally.

If we can get donated tyres, is this exempt from the $1,500 car value/budget?
If your car needs 4 new tyres, then it’s considered a safety issue and is exempt from the $1500 value/budget. You will need 2x spare wheels and tyres (also a safety thing) and these are definitely exempt.

Do we have to auction our car at the end?
No, if you want to ensure you get your own car back, you will need to pay $250 per team on the final day of the rally at the morning briefing. All funds from buy backs and the auction go to Cancer Council.

Which state/territory do we need to satisfy the roadworthy requirements for?
The state/territory the car is registered in.

Can I decorate my car?
Yes, definitely! Crazy car decorations are a big part of the rally. The bonnet and two front doors will be needed for rally sponsors and organiser’s stickers so keep those areas clear for them, the rest is up to you.

Are the cars registered under Cancer Council?
No, you buy them, they are registered under your name and therefore your responsibility.

Is car sponsorship allowed in exchange for putting their businesses logo or branding on the car? Also can the business be supplied with the relevant documentation, so that the donation could be recorded for tax purposes?
Yes, car sponsorship is allowed and encouraged. We will be giving all rally participants detailed information about this, but let us give you a quick run-down now.
If you know of a business that would like their branding on your Shitbox, they can do this by sponsoring your team. The business can also donate to your team at the same time. When a business/donor makes a straight donation, they don’t get any promotion or branding in return, but with sponsorship, they do.
So, what does this mean? If the company wants both the branding and tax receipt, they can split their payment. The payment for the sponsorship ($110 inc GST) is paid to Box Rallies and the donation amount is attributed to the team’s fundraising page which goes directly to Cancer Council, and the business receives a tax receipt for the donation.

Does the $110 inc GST sponsorship fee go towards our fundraising total?
No. Shitbox Rally uses the $110 (inc GST) sponsorship fee to help with the costs of running the rally. Anything over $110 inc GST is therefore a donation, is tax deductible and goes towards your team’s total.

Do all of the funds raised go to the Cancer Council?

Up to 33% of the initial $5,000 is used to cover event organising costs (including $500 for fuel) with the remaining amount going to Cancer Council.

For all funds raised over $5,000, Cancer Council receives at least 72% of the funds raised.

The percentages going to Cancer Council increase if the $500 for fuel is not claimed & the car sells at the auction which adds to the total funds raised and other budgeted costs can be reduced or avoided. The percentages listed here are based on minimum fundraising goals reached ($5,000) and maximum budgeted costs, so we are usually able to achieve higher percentages for Cancer Council.

Can we join forces with another team for fundraising efforts?
Yes you can and you can divide your fundraised dollars between the teams. Of course, each car/team must be registered, accepted and confirmed on the rally separately. You can use the same team name if you like, but to save confusion add a number like a 1 or 2 at the end of the name. Each car/team must raise the $5,000 minimum.

What is the maximum number of people we can have in each car?
Two people is both the minimum and the maximum.

Can I enter a motorbike?
No, unfortunately motorbikes aren’t allowed due to practicalities and safety. Our shortest day is usually 6 hours with most days 7+. By the 6th day everyone is very tired and everyone has a co-driver so they can rest. If you are on a bike, you do not get that luxury.

I’m not a car person – can I still do the rally?
Yes you can. Lots of people on the rally are in the same position, you don’t need to have any mechanical knowledge at all. There will be people in your buddy group that you travel with that do. We also have dedicated mechanical support crews that travel with us. By the end of the rally you’ll certainly know more than you did when you started.

Do we drive to the start line and is that at our expense? When should we arrive?
How you get to the start line is up to you (you can freight your shitbox if you like) and yes, it is at your cost. All teams need to be at the starting location by 4pm the day before the rally starts to attend the pre-rally briefing.

How do we get back from the finish line and who pays for that? How long do we spend at the finish destination?
You need to arrange your own transport home at your own expense. Some teams buy back their cars to drive home, but most teams sell their cars at the auction and fly home. The post rally party will be the day after we arrive to the finish line, so we suggest booking both Friday and Saturday night at the finish location (at least).

What other costs are there?
Meals during the rally are supplied by the remote local communities and are paid for via the “Catering & Camping Fee”. This is paid for in advance and is usually around $195 per team per day for 3 meals, we will let you know when this fee is due but it’s usually around 6-8 weeks from the rally start.
You pay for your fuel but you can claim up to $500 back from Cancer Council through paperwork that we supply you with (keep in mind that this amount comes off the overall fundraising total if you do).
The post rally party food and drink is usually pay as you go on the day, if not we will let you know in advance.

Other rallies require teams to fork out more money for fundraising along the way in the form of fines etc. Is that likely or expected of teams in Shitbox Rally?
All of the teams work hard enough raising money before we get going. One of the main principles of our rally is that it’s not expensive for the participants and the rally is a reward for all the hard work teams put into fundraising prior to the rally.

Can I bring my dog on the rally?
We have a strict policy that no dogs are allowed on the rally. The rally founder is a dog owner himself, so this isn’t an anti dog response, but a response from people that know what the rally is like and know that it’s not the place for dogs. In addition to this, we go to a number of places where dogs are not allowed. If you bring your dog with you, you’ll lose your position in the rally and you won’t participate in any future rallies.

Are we able to generate our own media attention?
Yes, of course. The rally creates a lot of media attention and we welcome all the help we can get. We have prepared media tips and materials to help teams generate their own publicity – please check the resources tab in the team portal once you are confirmed. Your social media networks are also very important to the rally.

Are the teams covered under your or Cancer Council’s Public Liability Insurance?
No. In most personal insurance policies though (such as home contents) there will be a clause about liability insurance, so you may be covered via your own insurance. It’s best to check this out and ensure you are covered.

If we have a business or an individual who provides a cheque donation which we deposit on their behalf, how do they get the tax receipt?
You will receive all the info you need about donations and receipts once your team is confirmed in your Pre-Rally Manual. You will also be provided with info in your Welcome Pack from Cancer Council when you have set up your We Give fundraising page.

I have a friend who is an avid outback traveller and wants to do the trip with us but in his own 4×4. As the roads are all public, I’m sure he can, even if he does his own thing in the evenings. Can he join us?
No. No way. Everyone that is on the rally has worked hard to raise funds for Cancer Council, so the rally is only for the teams. People can’t just turn up on the day of departure and expect to be a part of it. We take a very strong position on this.

No, it’s not a race, but yes, you can win. Prizes are awarded at the end of the rally at the post rally party. The prizes will be judged on a range of factors, including how hopeless your car is, how much you’ve embodied the rally spirit, and how much money your team raised. There’s also likely to be a number of other undisclosed factors that the Rally Director will generally make up as the rally unfolds.

How did Shitbox Rally come into existence?

Shitbox Rally was founded by James Freeman after he lost both of his parents to cancer 12 months apart. James and his family nursed their parents through the last stages of their lives. When his Dad passed away, he was devastated. It was a dark time, and James needed something to excite him and help him to make a difference.

Shitbox Rally has always been about having fun, and not taking the serious task of raising money for cancer research too seriously. He spent months working out how the rally would work, and how to make the experience a real challenge for participants. He knew he’d need support to grow awareness of and participation in the rally organically… The more ridiculous the concept was, the better.



Shitbox Rally 2024 Spring

Shitbox Rally today

Shitbox Rally has grown to a total of 225 teams, plus support teams, so around 550 people.

The rally itself is only part of the project with teams working for many months on their fundraising efforts. Their hard work is rewarded by the rally itself. 

The camaraderie and friendship that is built over the 7 days of the rally surprises everyone that takes part. 

The record breaking amount of funds raised, the positive impact we have on local remote communities and the overall experiences of the rally teams themselves combine to become a hugely rewarding experience for all involved.