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Our Sponsors


We have a few very special partners for the overall rally. The contribution of these companies helps enormously with the running of the rally, making sure things go smoothly for everyone.


Insurance is usually one of those things that sits in the background until you really need it.  But not anymore!

Bingle likes to do things differently which makes them our kind of partner.  Bingle is supporting Shitbox Rally in a number of ways including providing free Third Party Property Damage Insurance to the teams and participants in the rally.  Bingle really is the perfect partner by providing something we can’t, covering some of our expenses and supporting the rally with their own official team


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Directed by long time Support Crew member Mick Ryan, RallySchool operates in 5 states – QLD, NSW (home), VIC, SA, and WA. In 2013, RallySchool conducted more than 250 days around the country with over 11,000 people ‘getting behind the wheel’ of a top flight rally car.

While RallySchool’s main work is in rally driving experiences, drives and tuition, mostly given as gifts, they also offer corporate driving events too. But they’re not just an “Experience Provider”. RallySchool also offers comprehensive training in your vehicle for gravel and Tarmac Rallying, plus can offer one on one co-driver training in your state.

A big thanks to RallySchool for offering this year’s top fundraisers the gift of the RallySchool experience.


We started working with Manheim in 2011 for our end of rally auction. 2011 was the first of our large scale rallies and I (James) was freaking out trying to squeeze 100 cars into a hotel car park and then run an auction the night of our arrival after a 7 day, 3,800km rally.

The auctioneer took over and immediately put my concerns to rest. Every car sold that night and since then every auction has become better and a lot more professional now that Manheim produce the entire thing.

After the auction Manheim collect all the funds from the sale of the Shitboxes and send them on to Cancer Council.  This is a great way to increase the total funds raised during the rally.

Want to get involved? Check out our corporate sponsorship opportunities or donate today!

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