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Dana & Mick Doyle – Owners

Hi Deb,
We loved having you all at the pub, it was a great experience for us as well.
We can now put on our website ‘we do rallies’
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be involved.



Alpha State School P&C – Anna Dyer

I have suggested to my husband that we think about doing it one day. And such fantastic people to meet. Thanks for supporting our little P&C. It will be a massive help for us.

My feedback is that it was so wonderful to meet such a terrific bunch of kind hearted, fun and easy going people who clearly all share a strong desire to support cancer research.

Thanks again!


Hi James, Deb, Lauren and Katherine,
I have nothing but high praise for all of you, all of the communities who assisted us along the way, the support crew, and am so proud to have been part of the back rally, with an awesome bunch of humans & multiple dead cars.
This rally for Meg & I was exactly the tonic we needed after a crazy hectic year and gave us space to honour H’s memory in more ways than we set out to, we can’t wait for the opportunity to come back for another spin around this crazy country in Mona the Corona if you’ll have us in 2022.
Take care

Michelle x

Dear Shitbox team,
I’m just jumping in to say a massive congratulations and thanks for running this year’s Shitbox Rally.
So I want to say thanks for the ride. Thanks for introducing us to parts of Australia we would never normally visit, thanks for introducing us to mutual friends we never would have met, thanks for giving us a place to openly talk about our loved lost ones and a place to shed a tear amongst people who truly understand, thanks for encouraging us to bring our own communities together to vicariously support the cause, and to watch the crazy stories unfold as our adventures light up screens across the nation, thanks for all you do for cancer research, for the local communities you support along the way and for the camaraderie you encourage amongst this moving village of beautiful humans, as it pilgrimages across Australia.
Everyday I’m reminded of those I’ve lost through cancer and those still around me because of research, I deeply love my tribe and I want to keep them as long as I can,  Im so glad I did, for travelling across Australia this last week was exactly the emotional reset I needed. I didn’t realise it was going to be such amazing therapy.
So guys, while before I started this rally I thought that it might be my last, I now can’t wait till the next.
Rest up, bottoms up, you guys deserve it. Operating during a pandemic is a bitch. But cancer is worse.

Well done

See you next time


Anonymous Feedback from various teams:
  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I surrendered, I let go of control and I lived in each moment. That will stay with me forever.
  2. I still remember James saying at the pre rally briefing on our first rally ‘Once you do one rally, it’s in your blood and you’ll want to do another… and another… then another….!’ I remember thinking pretty sure I’ll be happy experiencing just one rally and go tick! Done! But NOPE James was right…. and here we are having just completed our third rally and can’t wait to do another! And the best part we’re all part of a huge rally family that will forever be there for one another no matter what! ❤️🚙 💨
  3. How good is it that we get to raise vital funds for cancer research and meet amazing people in outback communities as well as our fellow ralliers . Our country is amazing


MJ Bell Treasurer (Jundah Community Bronco Branding and Team Penning Association Inc)

Firstly thank-you so much for bringing your rally through to our small town of Jundah.
Your crew were such a beautiful bunch of people and full of plenty of laughs and bucket loads of happiness to share around. So polite with everything over the evening and next morning ( and patient with our brekky cooking skills).
We worked with the RFDS crew along with many other community groups with the tucker and bar and were so delighted to have such warm friendly people greeting us and telling us yarns about their journeys and how they got involved. We think this whole group you have do an excellent job in managing the entire show and what a credit to you and the people you have helping you.
Thank you again for stopping by and the rain dance was welcomed and seemed to have come through with the goods.
Kindest regards and wishing all the success with your future rallies.

Sandra Arnold   –  Secretary Wentworth Rotary Club

Our Rotary Club would like to thank you and all of your competitors very much for your stop- over in Wentworth on Saturday 19th October.
You gave us the amazing opportunity to cater for this event for you and we happily came on board for Dinner that evening and obtained the assistance of 2 of our small Primary Schools in the District – being the Wentworth Public School and the Pomona Public School who combined together and provided the breakfast for everyone the following morning.
We also were able to obtain the assistance of the Wentworth Bowling Club who provided the packed lunches for everyone.
These 3 organisations along with our own Club we/you have provided some amazing money into our Community.  For this we are extremely grateful.
We found your competitors all very well behaved and extremely appreciative of all that we had organised for them.
I would personally like to thank you very much for all of the information that you provided to me to enable me to have everything in place for your arrival, and for being easily contactable whenever I required more information.
We found the whole experience not only worthwhile for everyone concerned but also a wonderful community collaboration for our little community.
We would not hesitate in offering our services to your organisation any time in the future if the occasion arises.
We wish you all the very best with your future rallies and the fundraising that you do is just amazing.
Well done.


Hi James and Andy,
Just another thanks for a great week last week.
I had a great time on my first Australian Shitbox Rally. The organisation of it all was sensational. The catering the whole week was sensational, with not a single bad meal. The fact that they were virtually all prepared by volunteers and everything ran so smoothly is testament to the really clear instructions you guys obviously provided.
Thanks for getting 550+ people to places most of us had never been before so smoothly.
I look forward to another rally sometime (just not 2020).



Hi Deb,
Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for putting together the Rally – my favourite to date! We had a great buddy group, so supportive, and the destinations were excellent, and so sad for the farmers and communities in those parts.
Hopefully the rains come.
Anyway, thanks again to yourself, James, Andrew and the team – what a great job!!
See you next year!

William Wood


Hi Andy,
Apologies for the lateness of this message, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the rally. Please pass this on to James and Deb, plus the whole organising team.
It was a hoot, the fellowship enjoyed by all participants was amazing. Of course the bush mechanics, and mobile tyre service all did a fantastic job keeping nearly everyone going.
Arranging the meals, fuel etc, a mighty job as a logistical challenge.
The tracks were interesting , taking many people into completely new regions of our great wide brown country.
I would have been very happy to turn around and retrace our tracks back home, it was great, a few challenges, but you need challenges to keep it interesting.
I’m sure that this is just one of many messages that you have received.
Once again, congratulations and many thanks for a wonderful rally.


Patrick Liston


Hey Andy,
I just wanted to drop you a mail to say thanks for organising an amazing event. I have not stopped telling people about it your team do such a great job so hats off!
All the best and hope to see you all in the future.
Jason Cranmer


Hey Andy
We had a great time and loved EVERY minute of it!!
Buy the way, we loved our new buddy group, they welcomed us and made our journey a damn good one!! It is an experience that I will never forget we will certainly be doing it again.!
The Rally was well organised, and everything ran as smooth as it could, your team needs to be commended on such a super effort!!
Fingers crossed we get on the next rally, as we have already started our prep!!

Kind regards
Mandy & Geoff


Good morning James
Just a note to say thanks for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing, uplifting adventure.
Fund raising and preparing an old car were just the beginning.

The rest was ‘ bucket list’ stuff.
. Roughing it in the Australian bush
. Experiencing country hospitality
. Visiting and supporting iconic outback towns
. Understanding life away from our cities
. Experiencing the vastness and beauty of our country
. Supporting each other in ‘ buddy groups ‘ and beyond 

In the spirit of rally cooperation, our own personal achievements surprised many of us (and mostly without mobile devices)
We were always safe, well fed and well informed.
Congratulations to you and your exceptional team, including medical, breakdown and media, for the largely invisible, but thorough organisation of the whole rally.
What a success, financially and spiritually.
The experience was awesome – thank you!

Brian and Matt Peters
‘ what a blast ‘
buddy group 30

Kirsty Williams (Mt Sarah Station): Stopover Oodnadatta

Hi James,
Hope you had another successful rally – I can’t believe you’re ramping it up to 2 big ones a year. An absolute credit to you and all involved.
I’ve attached a handful of photos –more so of the behind the scenes anticipating your arrival (aka making 540 sandwiches! ). Also a couple of what took place the day before (kids motorkhana) with our annual races – yup they’re all under about 7 years of age. This years’ group seemed to really make the most of every opportunity – couldn’t believe it when there was still about 150 dancing to the music at midnight.

We can’t thank you enough for making Oodnadatta a stop off on your adventures. Depending on how rugged you like the roads to be, there is a track through our station going from Mt Dare to Oodnadatta (just another option).   Welcome to come and see a working cattle station on the way if that’s of interest. Anyway, hopefully we’ll see you back again one day. I really don’t know how you manage the logistics of what you do with such enormous numbers.

Kind regards,  Kirsty Williams.

Carol & Ross (Managers): Stopover Tjukayirla Roadhouse

You were bloody awesome.  It was great and loved having you all here. I thought the caterers you used were amazing and just great people. The only feedback I would give you is COME AGAIN! We would do a few things different for us but that’s general housekeeping that we need to improve on.  Thank you for staying here…it really does help us out enormously.

Kind Regards,
Carol & Ross

Shirl, David & Casey Mills (owner/managers): Stopover Copley Cabin & Caravan Park.

James, Deb, Participants and Sponsors thank you for the opportunity to look after your crews, again in 2019.
What a brilliant, exciting, excellent, hardworking, group of people we had the privilege to look after, whilst staying in Copley, SA.  The coordination of the participants was handled incredibly – we thought to ourselves OMG!  (542 people and 250 cars) but your crew arranged the participants in groups and directed where to go on arrival and departure, so impressive and well organised.
The participants were courteous, patient and were just amazing.  Outstanding people and a Pleasure to accommodate.  The maintenance crew were incredible working hard into the night and changing tyres etc and etc and bright and cheerful the next day, to do it all again that night, what a remarkable service.
It was impressive that the guidelines that we received prior to the Rally coming to our town, were comprehensive and easy to understand, that we followed as best we could to make the stay a success.
The organisers need a huge pat on the back, for their diligence, and devotion to their cause.
Well done and Congratulations on the wonderful achievement for the Cancer Council.

Thank you again,
Shirley, David & Casey Mills and our great staff, Copley Cabin and Caravan Park

Vicki: Team Chix Rox in a Shitbox

Fabulous time, words are still escaping me how to adequately express the adventure that played out over the past 2 weeks.
Amazing doesn’t seem to capture it!!!
Just flying back to NZ this morning..

Trisha: Team Angus & the Beefcakes

Hi Deb
I hope this find you well and recovering from what was a remarkable 10 days.
As a rally newby – but a long time advocate for people afflicted with cancer, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  What I found was a community of people who are committed to doing something positive about cancer, while determinedly having a great time.
Spending time in the most remote areas of Australia was amazing.  Seeing what a few capable people can do with some very old cars was amazing.  Being part of a group that raised over $2.5m for cancer research was beyond amazing.
So, a big thank you to yourself and James.  You run a tight ship – which is astonishing given the event that you run!



Chris & Gerry Gimblett: Stopover Yaraka Community

Thank you so much for choosing Yaraka as a stopover for your rally.
For us, as a community, it was a wonderful occasion and your group were friendly, delightful, well behaved, appreciative – and entertaining! We hope you come back again! It would be true to say that we were nervous about the population explosion – a population explosion of 2655% to be exact but everything seemed to run very smoothly and everyone, without exception, were very complimentary about the dinner and breakfast which was very encouraging.
From our town’s perspective it was a real boost – dehydrated vehicles lined up at the bowsers, dehydrated people buying drinks and the voluntary workers who prepared and cooked the meals resulted in swelling the funds of the RFDS etc. Your rally is the largest that Yaraka has ever catered for and knowing that your well organised efforts result in huge contributions toward the Cancer Council make it all so worthwhile for everywhere you pass through these towns. Congratulations on the organising and professional way in which you do everything – a win win for everyone.   Many thanks again.

Jeff Watson: Stopover Mitchell RSL & Combined Sports Club

On May 19, 2018, Box Rallies scheduled an overnight stop in the little western Queensland town of Mitchell. What a night it was.
Having only visited Mitchell once before and many years prior, the whole concept was quite new to the local groups who had banded together to provide for the catering and bar requirements. In Mitchell, that group comprised most of the Sporting Clubs (Junior and Senior), the local dance group and the parents organizations from both the Mitchell State School and St Patricks Catholic School.
Our first observations (apart from the wonderful underlying cause of Box Rallies – the Cancer Council) were that the whole event was amazingly well planned and organized and that the multitudes of participants (some 510 in our case) were fun-loving, generous and genuinely committed to the cause. Consequently, what we assumed would be a rather daunting undertaking on our behalf became an evening and morning of great fun, hilarity and enjoyment.
On top of all that, the fund raising opportunity was fabulous. In total, almost $25000.00 from catering and bar  sales was distributed to participating groups. In a small, drought hit country town where every dollar of fundraising is very hard earned, this created opportunities for those groups to meet some of their needs without having to continually keep seeking financial support from local sponsors and benefactors all of whom are suffering depressed trading conditions.
So from the Mitchell Community – Thank you so much Box Rallies. We hope you enjoyed your stay as much as we enjoyed having you and we look forward to the day when you may once again include Mitchell in your itinerary.

Helen: Team Legends of Rock

You’ve created something really special and we feel incredibly proud to be a part of it. There’s obviously the astonishing level of funds that are raised which we passionately support but it’s also great to see the impact on the remote communities – all the revenue that’s injected and the weird and wonderful spectacle we bring as we roll in each night.

I’m sure the experience provides a talking point for the locals for years to come!  It’s definitely challenging – not just the physical and emotional challenge of the rally itself but the months of fundraising, getting the car up to spec, costume prep (a big one for us!), child care planning, calling in a million favours, etc, etc.

Danny & Bob: Team Cessnock Flyers

To James Deb and all the Rally Family just a short note to say a big thank you for a great rally every year it just gets better both Danny and I had a great time James your planning of routes and stop overs was great hoping to do more rallies in future.

But I think that’s why it has such an impact on us all and we keep coming back. We become part of the rally family. The good that comes from this on an individual as well as community level is remarkable and it is extraordinarily rewarding to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

David & Glen: Team The Rockapes

Great to catch up again this year on the shitbox, the Rockapes, Glen and I, had a very enjoyable trip, glad to see a record broken for fundraising and wish you and the team every success for next year.
Was a great experience and am recommending  to many.
Thank you very much!

David & Dianne: Team Hollywood

We have arrived home after another epic adventure we call the shitbox rally.  I am constantly amazed about the vision and experience that is the rally and am certainly grateful to have been a part of it this year.
I would like to congratulate you and your staff with what is an enormous logistical exercise that delivers such a phenomenal return and result for a cause that is so critical to our lives.  You continue to supply the shitbox community with the leadership and organisation that makes this exercise such a success and on behalf of my wife and I, we are extremely grateful.
The people that form the rally are a diverse and eclectic bunch but serve to remind us that this cause is pertinent to us all.  We now have friends all over the country from every walk of life thanks to the companionship on the rally.
Thanks again James for your efforts – greatly appreciated by many.

David: Team InSolvent

Hi Deb,
My pleasure – Yaraka was a stand-out amongst stand-outs! They did a sensational job.
I can honestly say that it was the best “boys” week away that I have had – a hell of a lot of fun and a fortunate grouping of like minded people in our buddy group 🙂
It was a totally different experience to Mystery Box – both a lot of fun, but I think the extra time/distance in Shitbox makes it a bit more challenging and gives that extra bit of time for the bonds to grow in the buddy groups.
We would definitely like to be back for the big one next year – and will probably do a good deal better in the fund-raising stakes if we know a bit earlier.
Thank you very much for all that you put in to make the event such a success – I am not quite sure how you and Katherine managed to keep smiles on your faces through the whole event – you seemed to be everywhere, all over everything, at all hours of the day!
Please also pass on our thanks to James – the whole event is an amazing logistical undertaking and it is a credit to all of you that it runs so smoothly.
I look forward to being in touch soon.

Michelle: Team Fuelled by Gin

We had the best week ever, Meg & I have done some crazy, crazy things during the course of our friendship, but spending a week in a dusty old car laughing our heads off and meeting a bunch of incredible people has to be top of the list.   To raise so much money was the cream on top, I’m blow away at how supportive everyone has been to our team.
Doing the Shitbox Rally was more for me than just the rally, from the moment we were accepted onto it and fundraising began, so did the trip of a lifetime, from the stories we told, to the events we held, to the tins we rattled, we met the most incredible, kind hearted, people and this was before we even joined the rally! Then we hit the rally and it felt like we had become integral members of a nomadic village of the most beautifully spirited people on this earth. That you can wake every day and everyone you see, for as far as you can see, is out for the greater good of humanity and is looking out for everyone around them, is surely a dream come true for all involved? Then add to that, the communities we visited welcomed us with open arms and hugs and you’ve gotta love a sunburnt country. The adventure and hilarity of it all was an added bonus and made for incredible memories, as were the close friendships we made. Shitbox Rally is a little piece of Utopia that gives me hope in humanity for the future, I truly hope to join this village again one day.

Mike: Team Batvan

2018 Shitbox Rally was just an amazing experience from the day you get accepted through to the after party. It’s become a great community event involving 1000’s of people wanting to make difference to cancer survival rates and with the final tally just short of $2 MILLION we should all be very proud of our efforts

Mitch: Team Dud Route

Hey Deb,
Just writing to say thank you for the Rally this year.
We had a fantastic time, and met so many great people.
It’s fair to say we had a steep learning curve about what does and doesn’t work for fundraising for us, but we got across the line with some support and guidance. And plenty of advice from dozens of people about what we can do next year (hopefully!)
Super excited that the 10th anniversary Rally is departing from Perth, and are hoping we make it in. In any event, the Rally has opened our eyes to the enthusiasm of the Rally community, and we’d be happy to help out in any way we can (being from Perth, we can help out with logistics, storing cars etc.) – early days yet, but if you are in need, just let me know.
Thanks again

Sarah: Team Dafuq

To be a part of an amazing group. To have friendships which span the country. To work toward a common goal without ego. To achieve, to support, to congratulate & console. That’s what Shitbox Rally means to me, SBR2018 reinforced that meaning and then some.


Peter: Stopover Silverton Hotel

What a pleasure to have this fantastic group of passionate fundraisers visit the iconic Silverton Hotel. As part of their journey raising awareness & vital funds for Cancer Council Australia. Deb your organizing skills make our job easy & it is a great please to be a service provider for your group. It’s also a chance to showcase our little village to over 300 with the overnight stay. It was evident from the participation of the theme night that everybody was in enjoyment mode. Thanks for choosing Silverton & look forward to another visit one day.

Thanks again Deb & James for bringing a wonderful crew to the Silverton Hotel we are glad they enjoyed there night!

Phill & Bec: Stopover Milparinka Hotel

Thank you to the Mystery Box Rally for choosing to stop over in the very small township of Milparinka. It’s so lovely that you like to support little communities like ours.
The Mystery Box Rally is definitely well organised and everyone so easy to please.
Upon leaving you couldn’t even tell there had been 320 people stay the night. All the camp grounds were cleaned up and no rubbish to be seen. I was very impressed.
We thoroughly enjoyed having you all here. You are more than welcome back here anytime!

Clancy: Lunch Stop Pooncarie

In October, the Mystery Box rally travelled through our little town Pooncarie. We were fortunate enough to have Deb contact us at the school and ask if we’d like to cater for a lunch time meal. We were so pleased for the opportunity to fundraise for our small community and be involved in the rally. The day was a huge success. The rally drivers were very friendly and so generous. Our children were thrilled with the excitement of the vehicles and atmosphere. The group were well organised, and we were pleased to be able to provide a yummy lunch for them while they raise money for such great cause.

Matthew: Stopover Arkaroola Resort & Wilderness Sanctuary

Wow what a great bunch of people we enjoyed having the Mystery Box Rally for their stop over. What a challenge for us being in the middle of nowhere but we did it and the help from Deb it worked out great. Thank you to the great bunch of people who made it a great night, you guys are doing a wonderful cause, KEEP IT UP. We loved having you all here and hope you had a blast.  I hope to see you again and thank you for the great opportunity for our Resort in the middle of nowhere.  See you all again.

Nelson: Team Behaving Badly

Thank you Deb I throughly enjoyed the whole experience.
And a big thank you to yourself, James and the rest of the organising team for all your efforts and for everything you guys do to make it run as smoothly as it did.

Craig: Team Sunday Drivers

I would like to personally thank you for an amazing effort between yourself and James for organising such a fantastic event, MBR 2018. It was my first rally and hopefully not my last, I was in the team ‘ Sunday Drivers’ and unfortunately our car died on day 2 and the car still resides in Innamincka!  The reason for this email was to find out when I can register for 2019? Mystery Box 2018 would have to be one of the best events I’ve ever participated in and i am already waiting for next year. Anyway, please pass on my congratulations and praise to yourself and James as I believe he wasn’t thanked enough at the after party on Wednesday night.

Les: Team Oddballs

Hi James, Deb and team,
I wanted to personally say ‘thank you’.
Often that single thing is not said enough.
I read everything about you and the reasons behind the rallies before the event and watched videos and tv of interviews with you.
Seeing you on the rally simply reinforced what I had read because I saw your hearts and passion on the rally.
You have good hearts.
So be encouraged, keep it up and thank you.


Tony Weir: Stopover Roxby Downs

It was an absolute pleasure to host such a well organised event, the Roxby Downs Community got behind the hospitality requests and enjoyed their involvement with The Shitbox Rally.
Everybody was so well behaved and cooperative in every aspect of the night and certainly would be happy to host again if the opportunity presented itself.  I am happy to see that another record amount was raised for the Cancer Council and wish you all the best for the future rallies around Australia.

Trevor Wright: Stopover William Creek Hotel

In the last year we have had both Mystery Box Rally 2016 Stopover and Shitbox Rally 2017 pass through our small town of William Creek. From a service providers view the rallies have been very well organised. We found everything they said followed through into actions.  It’s a credit to Deb and James on how smoothly everything did go for us.  The rallies are a great financial uplift to any outback business….we can’t wait to have them back again!!!

Marco: Team Mario Bros

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for this years rally!
We had a fantastic time yet again and can’t wait to hopefully do it all again next year
Take care and thanks again

Nick & Martin: Team The Whinging Poms

Hi James & Deb
Just a quick note to say thanks for an awesome week.
We travelled through some beautiful country met some amazing people and created memories that will last a life time.
Having worked in the event industry most of my life I understand the challenges that you would encounter, and so was impressed with not only the organisation of the event and the logistics of getting the traveling caravan of shitboxers across the country but the incredible passion you have for the cause and the Shitbox family.
The only issue was we didn’t really have anything to whinge about!!
Keep up the great work
Thanks again

David & Dianne: Team Hollywood

Hi James
Just a quick note to once again thank you for the amazing experience that is the shitbox rally.
I was lucky enough to be involved last year with a mate and this year my wife came along this year and was totally amazed by the experience.  Many of the people I met last year were again on the rally and they are an amazing group of people that are focussed on a cause that affects all of us in the community.  The rally particularly hit home to me in our team 30 with the tragedy of Laura losing her mum during the rally, Ian spreading his fathers ashes and my best mate who was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer three weeks prior.   These circumstances continue to focus me on the incredible road ahead and the value of events such as these.
With all this in mind, the experience that is the shitbox rally is only available because of the passion, time and effort of you and your team.  I know how much work goes into organising an event like this and would like to applaud you and your team for not only making the event an amazing experience in our amazing country, but ensuring that everyone was dealt with in a professional, caring and helpful manner.
Thanks once again and I look forward to seeing the continued success of the rally and the advances in research to cancer as a result.

Maurice: Team We Are the Champions

What an awesome time Cameron & I had on the 2017 rally. You, James & the rest of the team have our heartfelt thanks for organising this amazing journey.

While we were on the Oodnadatta track Cameron Champion did a bit of a run as part of a donors condition to give $500. We got the money before the rally but promised him a video of the run, unfortunately I stuffed up most of the filming while watching for traffic, driving, filming & being on the radio.

I have a terrible memory for names & must apologise, a lovely young lady from your promotions people sat on the boot of the car in front & took photos or video of the run & I was wondering if you could pass me her email address.
So looking forward to entering next year & catching up with everybody again.

Wayne: Team Boardies & Lederhosen

Hi Deb
It was great to meet you in person on the Rally. Another fabulous event that should have James, you and everyone involved should be pleased and proud. Thanks to all involved.

I wrote after last year’s event that I found it to be quite a cathartic experience having lost 4 family members and close friends during the year. Gladly we had not experienced such losses prior to this year’s Rally, so while I approached the event with a very different mindset, the resultant experience was no less moving. Like many I met on the Rally, I still struggle to come to grips with ‘why’. Why my family and friends? Why such a hideous disease exists? Why is it taking so long to find cures? Being able to contribute in our own small way to the great work being done by medicos to answer these questions helps one put things in perspective. The Cancer Council is our family charity…Shitbox Rally gives us the opportunity to contribute, have some fun and share our personal experiences with others who understand. Keep up the great work.

Cam & Jen: Team Pizza Planet

Gday Deb,
Now that all the dust’s settled, I’d like to send my thanks to you, James, and anyone else involved behind the scenes for running such an enjoyable rally. 2017 was hectic, the overnight stops were awesome, the roads were brutal, the scenery was amazing and the people we met were top class. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
We’d also like to update you on where our car (the Pizza Planet Rodeo) ended up. Justin from High Voltage bought it at the auction and got his co-driver to drive it down to Sydney so that he can turn it into an LS1 V8 powered, Pizza Planet themed burnout car! Would this be the first time a rally car has been turned into a skid car? I’ve attached a photo of us with Justin after he bought the car.
Thanks again, hope you’ve all recovered well, and best of luck for all the work you’re putting into the future rallies.

Cheryl & Fenn: Stopover Cameron Corner

We thoroughly enjoyed the Mystery Box Rally coming through our little part of the world. Some think we are in the “middle of nowhere” but we consider it the “centre of everywhere”. Everyone was having such a good time and for such a large group were appreciative and respectful.
The rally was so well organised. Box rallies are more than welcome anytime at our place. It was pleasure having you all and we appreciate such a large group visiting, as it brings a special spark to the outback and all for charity. Congrats. And remember – We are only around the Corner!

John & Julie: Stopover Kingoonya Pub

Well when we first heard that the mystery box rally was coming here and the amount of people we thought WOW how can we do it.
The community rallied together (which happens a lot) and it was an exceptional day, night and morning.
The teams were all great fun and everyone joined in together. The local band that played that night said that was the best crowd they had played for.
We are all looking forward to another rally to come through when organised.

Trevor Wright: Stopover William Creek Hotel

In the last year we have had both Mystery Box Rally 2016 Stopover and Shitbox Rally 2017 pass through our small town of William Creek. From a service providers view the rallies have been very well organised. We found everything they said followed through into actions.  It’s a credit to Deb and James on how smoothly everything did go for us.  The rallies are a great financial uplift to any outback business….we can’t wait to have them back again!!!