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Shitbox Rally is a bi-annual event dedicated to raising much needed funds to support cancer research. By getting out and doing something unique, positive and proactive, it brings an element of fun and excitement to the formidable task of raising money to cure this heartbreaking disease.

How did Shitbox Rally come into existence?

Shitbox Rally was founded by James Freeman after he lost both of his parents to cancer 12 months apart.

James and his brother nursed their parents through the last stages of their lives. When his Dad passed away, he was devastated. It was a dark time, and James needed something to excite him and help him to make a difference.

Shitbox Rally has always been about having fun, and not taking the serious task of raising money for cancer research too seriously. He spent months working out how the rally would work, and how to make the experience a real challenge for participants. He knew he’d need support to grow awareness of and participation in the rally organically… The more ridiculous the concept was, the better.

Shitbox Rally today

Shitbox Rally has grown to a total of 250 teams, plus support teams, so 550 people.

The rally itself is only part of the project with teams working for many months on their fund-raising efforts.  Their hard work is rewarded by the rally itself. 

The camaraderie and mate ship that is built over the 7 days of the rally surprises everyone that takes part. 

The record breaking amount of funds raised, the positive impact we have on local remote communities and the overall experiences of the rally teams themselves combine to become a hugely rewarding experience for all involved.

Our Impact

If you’re entertaining people and inspiring positive feelings in them, they’ll happily hand over money.  That’s what fundraising is.  Enthusiasm and drive are what’s enabled Box Rallies to raise over 19 million dollars for cancer research over the last ten years.

The funds raised go towards cancer research, but how do they get there?  What is the process?  How do passion, determination and hard work become funding for cancer research?

Read on to discover how Shitbox Rally teams are directly funding improvements in diagnosis,
treatment and support for cancer patients.

You can be a part of this! Help us put an end to cancer by donating to Shitbox Rally today.

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