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For Media enquiries only, please contact Katherine Ferris (any other enquiries please contact the Rally Coordinator.)

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Please contact Andy to collaborate on a package to suit your needs.

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Please contact Katherine at or 0429 050 119 for further information

1.     Cancer Council WA CEO – Ashley Reid, said “We are thrilled to be participating in this year’s Box Rally. It’s incredible to see the enthusiasm and commitment from the teams to raise much-needed funds for such a great cause.”
2.     Team Point Break Down – “In September 2017 at 34 years of age I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal (Bowel) Cancer. This was completely out of the blue having had no real signs or symptoms until the day before the diagnosis. I then began the emotional rollercoaster that is a cancer diagnosis. My journey has involved radiotherapy, surgery to remove the tumour, 18 weeks of oral chemotherapy, a temporary stoma post-surgery and now further surgery to reverse the stoma and the relevant rehab/recovery in order to try and regain function after surgery.”
3.     Team Dilligas Box – We’re newbies to the Rally although tried for 3 years before we got accepted and were so happy it’s starting here in Perth! I’m Donna a Registered Nurse and have done numerous things for cancer charities but this is by far going to be the toughest for me. Trev my partner in crime is my biggest support, especially of my crazy ideas. For the last 5 years I have watched a 2 special people go through this awful disease, one unfortunately didn’t make it, she was just 49! My nanna died of throat cancer and Trev’s dad of lung cancer.”
4.     Team Gunslingers – We are doing the rally for my son Nathan, 8. He was diagnosed with Childhood Leukaemia that he has overcome so far, so good. My Mum passed away from Non- Hodgkin’s. We are driving Stormy an XF Falcon and this will be my 2nd rally.

1.     Cancer Council NSW CEO – Jeff Mitchell, CEO, Cancer Council NSW said “James and the Box Rallies team have made a huge contribution to funding cancer research. I’m very excited to be doing the rally this year and joining the thousands of ‘ralliers’ that have not only raised funds but have become supporters of Cancer Council and the lifesaving work that we do.”
2.     Cancer Council NSW Team: “Rage Against the Latrine”. Natalie and Eleonora are cancer researchers who focus on bowel cancer and hereditary syndromes which increase the risk of cancer.  “I’m looking forward to everything about the rally! Being able to go via Uluru, passing through Aboriginal communities and places you wouldn’t normally access or go on holiday to. It’s exciting to think we will be in the Australia that’s not your ‘everyday’ and doing that with 250 other cars will be phenomenal. The reality is, we are in a Shitbox! It could break at any time. The apprehension that we might not make it back in the same car we started in is both nerve wracking and exciting too.”
3.     Team Back By Popular Demand – “We are diving a 2001 Holden Commodore station wagon. My wife/co-driver Michelle bought it (without seeing it or taking it for a test drive!!) when I was overseas trekking to Everest Base Camp. Michelle doesn’t know much about cars, so I was really concerned when I found out that she had bought it. Her reason for buying it was because she believed that as it was owned by a refrigeration mechanic, that the air con would work! Seriously, was that all she was worried about?? This is rally number 7 for me”
4.     Team Cure – “On the 5th of January 2015 my wife Linda rang at 9.45 am while I was in Sydney loading the truck ready for my trip back to Melbourne. The words she said was “they just told me I have cancer.“ Linda had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and other cancers spreading to her liver and was told to get her affairs in order and was given approx. 5-6 months. To see someone go through this filthy disease is something I don’t want to go through again. On the 24th May 2015 she passed away. A young girl named Stephanie came to her funeral and said what’s say we do a Shitbox rally so that was the start.”

1.     Team The Bread Van – “In honour of our Mum (Mary) and sister (Jess) who will be looking over us for this rally.”
2.     Team Hardmax – “The Rally and the cause is something that is very close to our hearts as this brings people together to drive for one common goal, a cure for cancer.  A disease that touches everyone in some way.  For us it is our parents, so let’s work together to find a cure!!”

1.     Team Masters Of Disaster – “Both of my parents passed away from Cancer not that long ago. James’ story on the website resonated with me and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to raise some money for cancer research and a wonderful and fun way to remember/honour them. Since being accepted I have been thinking a lot about my cousin Debbie who died from Melanoma at 26 in 1989. She left a young family behind, she was incredibly brave.  We will be driving a 1995 Volvo 850. It’s a Shitbox!”
2.     Not Lost – Just Looking – “I’ve been a big supporter of the Cancer Council since 2002.  That was the year I had a spot removed from my nose.  My friend had remarked several times that it was getting bigger (the spot – not my nose). With 3 little kiddies I really couldn’t bear to think what it might be so I ignored her.  But, the seed had been planted and eventually, when I was at the doctors one day I told her what my friend had said about the spot.  She looked, said ‘oh, it’s probably nothing, but let’s get it checked anyway’.  Next doctor said basically the same thing and took a biopsy.   It was something.  Very aggressive pre-cancerous cells were found.  I had to have surgery to remove the spot, there was no other option.  All this time later I can still remember the words … “It will change.  It will go straight to your brain and you won’t even know it’s happened and then it’s too late.”

1.     Team Bucket List – Heath and Nicole spent over 100 hours wrapping a 1986 R31 Nissan Skyline bought for $500 from a wrecker’s yard in 9 years’ worth of images from Shitbox Rally. We wanted to give something back to James and the Box Rallies Team for all they have done over the years. Without James’s pure dedication to see this through, it might not have gone past a couple of years. There really is not a way that we could ever thank James enough for what this event truly means to all of us and what better way to honor his achievements than with all of the memories on our car.”

1.     CanBeera – “This one will be my eighth rally. It started out as a bit of an adventure and to see and experience outback Australia. Since 2012 I have been more aware of the need for cancer research as a mate who was on that rally was diagnosed with cancer and died in October 2018. He was my co-driver in 2015. We are doing the rally in memory of him this year. We are driving a 1999 VT Holden Commodore with 335,000 kms on the clock.”

1.     Tassie Toy Soldiers – “A couple of Tassie Brothers keen to get out on the North West Coast of Tasmania and fundraise their arses off for a spot in the freakin best event in the world – for the bloody best cause!!!”

1.    Chix Rox in a Shit Box – For the only ‘Kiwi Chick Team’ in the rally we are up for the challenge – there is no turning back now we are taking this head on. Remembering all of our friends that have had cancer including my own experience and in remembrance of all of those that we have lost to this dreadful worldwide disease. Let the trans-Tasman rivalry begin. We are coming across the ditch to lay down our gauntlet and become part of the Shitbox Family Rally.

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 **In the lead up to and during the rally itself, we produce high quality photo and video content that we can provide to media outlets to help cover the rally. While the rally is in motion, we use satellite phones for call-in interviews.**

Our media reach report for Shitbox Rally 2018 is available.  Please contact our Media Team at for a copy.


We have a dedicated production team that produces all of our still and video photography. This is a team of very hard working professionals who know the rally well.

Please contact our Media Team to access any of these assets.


Shitbox Rally generates hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of media exposure every year through editorial media and social channels.

Companies can get behind the rally to support this incredible cause and benefit from its exposure and media coverage in a couple of different ways.

  • Sponsor one of the rally teams. This will give you a logo position on their car and on the Shitbox Rally Sponsors page on our website. You can make a donation with this sponsorship that will go towards that team’s total fundraising amount.
  • Sponsor the overall rally. This can provide you with branding on all vehicles in the rally, higher profile branding on the website, social media announcements, PR announcements, branding on our daily videos and photos, promotional events during the rally and product placement. Work with us to tailor a package that suits you, your brand and your company.

We have specific numbers showing our media reach from the last nine years of the Australian Shitbox Rally, as well as our NZ events, and can provide you with a full sponsorship presentation.