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Second Shot is the best way for past rally teams to get back into Shitbox Rally or to keep supporting our need for further cancer research fundraising.


All teams are fundraising for the Cancer Council so all teams are incredibly important. As a reward for the amounts raised the top 5 fundraising teams will be given a place in the next Shitbox Rally

Where do you sit?

Find your team on the leaderboard to see how close you are to to the top ten!


Rally Katz

Raised $4,000



Raised $3,550


Mystery Machine

Raised $3,370


Zooom Caddy

Raised $2,098



Raised $1,500



Raised $255



Raised $0


Road Runners

Raised $0
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With the amount of years Shitbox Rally has been running and the requirement to have 50% new teams into the rally each year means we often have less places available than past teams wanting to return.

To manage this, Second Shot to Shitbox is like a back stage pass and gives past rally teams a way of re-entering the rally.

It’s all about the fundraising!

Second Shot has 5 guaranteed places available in Shitbox Rally 2019 to the top fundraising teams.

Teams will have up until the 3-month date before the start of Shitbox Rally to raise as much as they can for Cancer Council. The top 5 fundraising teams will then move directly into Shitbox with the funds they have raised.

All remaining fundraising teams will contribute to the overall total of that years rally, plus their funds are added to their Box Rallies total which will give them a better chance of getting a spot in the following years rally.

At Box Rallies we want to avoid saying ‘no’ to anyone that wants to fundraise. Second Shot gives that opportunity and also helps teams to get back into Shitbox.


As with all of the Box Rallies projects, all funds go to cancer research with our chosen beneficiary being Cancer Council. All donations made via Second Shot go directly to the Cancer Council.

If you’re entertaining people and inspiring positive feelings in them, they’ll happily hand over money. That’s what fundraising is. Enthusiasm and drive are what’s enabled Box Rallies to raise over 14.7 million dollars for cancer research over the last nine years.

The funds raised go towards cancer research, but how do they get there? What is the process? How do passion, determination and hard work become funding for cancer research?

Read on to discover how Box Rally teams are directly funding improvements in diagnosis,
treatment and support for cancer patients.


No, Second Shot is purely for past teams wanting to increase their fundraising drive and to hopefully get back into the rally.

Because new teams already have a guaranteed way of getting into the rally.

There aren’t enough places for all returning teams, so Second Shot gives teams the opportunity to get back in.

No, there is no minimum or maximum.

All fundraising amount is greatly appreciated by the Cancer Council

All funds go directly to the Cancer Council.

At the end of the fundraising cycle for Second Shot, the total funds raised will be added to the funds raised from Shitbox Rally to give a grand total.

The rally is the reward for fundraising efforts, so it’s always about the fundraising. But, it’s great to get the reward.

You can watch your position jump as you get more donations in. The top 5 teams get an automatic spot in Shitbox Rally and for all other teams all of your funds raised help you to get into Shitbox the following year as they are added to your last Shitbox total to bump you up the list.