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It was a year of records for Shitbox Rally and our Social Media reach and interaction was right up there breaking them!

Over the months of May & June we increased our followers on Facebook by almost 1.7 million people and our posts, photos and videos reached over half a million people. Our Instagram presence is also increasing with people from all over the world following our adventures.

As always, one of our most liked posts is the Route for the following year which this year reached over 64,000 people and our LIVE post from Cairns which ended with a surprise marriage proposal between our Chief Mechanic and his girlfriend was watched by almost 40,000 people.

This year we took a new direction and focused on the ‘People of Shitbox Rally’ which gives our followers an insight into lives of the incredible participants that work so hard to raise money for Cancer Council and the fun and epic time we have when we are driving across the country. Our post on Team Eddies Pride was read by over 25,000 people and a story from the 1st day of the Rally when a resident of Roxby Downs (who’s brother had passed from Pancreatic Cancer 5 years ago) donated his car to Team Toothy Test Pilots as their Peugeot died only hours out of Port Augusta, was read by almost 43,000 people.

In 2017, we also broke a record on one of our Sponsors Page with a reach of over 118,000 people which was their highest ever and over 2,000 reactions, comments and shares.

We will continue to focus on the people of the Rally and the incredible, life changing adventure it continues to be each year.